There will always be light at the end of the tunnel but only when you have the courage to go through that tunnel. ANNE was very excited about her new job but little did she know what was coming her way. One more girl JUNE was also selected for the same job. Few days at the office went well but later they were informed that they could afford only one of them. So they were told to prove themselves. JOHN, a co-worker used to like Anne vey much. One day when Anne was going back home he started following her. The next day he was found dead in a garbage bin. During investigation, June told to the police that she saw him with Anne that night. This theory was proved by the CCTV footage. Anne was arrested and June was declared permanent staff. Anne kept denying of committing any murder but it was of no use. Another girl in the jail, who had murdered her mother, gave a blade to Anne and told that many others got freedom due to it. That night Anne was so upset; that a thought of committing suicide came into her mind but she stood strong and believed that God will surely help her. Later a photographer came in the police station and showed the pictures he clicked of the murder. Anne was freed. It was June who did it. She got her job back with full respect.   Everything is going to be ok, unless you are an evil, then you are screwed…

mark sheet, not your talent report!!

Today is best day because I have passed my senior school with a wonderful mark sheet. Thank you GOD! There are many people who are not able to do well in their exams. It happens with lot of people but that doesn’t mean that this is the end of the world. One mark sheet cannot define your complete potential and talent. There are famous personalities that have changed the world like mark Zuckerburg, a college dropout who is today CEO and  founder of Facebook. Life is not just about marks and grades, it is about discovering your own talent and nurturing it to be proud of yourself. If you are good at making street food, make that. An Indian brand of street food shop “Bittoo Tikki Waala” is now in every mall. Just don’t be demotivated. Everybody will say something or the other because they need a topic to gossip. Don’t stress and find yourself!

Dear mom


Dear mummy, I never got an opportunity to put my feelings into words

I think I followed that typical herd,

Where children fail to express their feelings of happiness and glories

And just express their pains and worries

But today I will tell u a small part of my parents journey

How they always overlooked themselves and over cared for me


You wake up at 4am and do all the household work

I wake up at 9 am, and go all berserk

Mummy Mummy, I shout , where is my food

Son Son, you reply back, here it comes, Dude.

Never did u bother, about my behavior

Oh dear Mummy, U are always a savior

You wash all the clothes and n do all the utensils

While I am just busy with sharpening my pencils

Still I felt I did more work than you did

And you praise for this too, since I am your kid

Never did u bother about my contribution

Oh dear Mummy, you are the perfect institution

You go to Bank, and work all day

I have fun with my frens doing no work, just play

And then when u come back you show u r not tired

And I behave as if a ball from canon has been fired

Never did u bother about my attitude

Oh dear Mummy, you resolve all the feud

You got me everything that I ever wished for

I got u nothing but was still adored

I wore all the luxury and all the expensive brands

and u never completed ur own demands

Never did u bother about my greed

Oh dear Mummy, you are best human breed

You traveled by bus and I drove a car

You always kept me like a superstar

I spent and spent ,,,n never saved

U saved and saved … n never complained

Never did u bother about my expenses

Oh dear Mummy, u r the point from where the happiness commences


You never showed ur worries to anyone

And I always felt u had none

I always wished to grow up so that I can be independent

But now I understand ur worries and repent

Never did u bother about my hallucinations

Oh dear Mummy, you are God’s best creation



Daddy is no less when it comes to sacrifice

You too made this world a paradise

Without ur advice, the life won’t have been this same

Without ur teachings I could have never have become… what I became

Never did u too …bothered about my carelessness

Oh dear Daddy, u r the best…I must confess

Under your shelter we feel safe and blessed

Oh dear God, thanks for giving me such a nest

I pray to God that u live for Thousands years

Happy and contended with no fears

I wish I could do a fraction of what u did for me

I pray to god to fulfill my this plea

Mummy n Daddy u r the best thing that happened to us

Rest all the things in the world are just superfluous


Socha tha bade honge toh khoob aish karenge

Par ye ab samajh aaya ki ash toh sirf maa baap ke paiso pe hoti hai


FRIENDSHIP, a gift you will surely get!

Right from class 1 to class 8th, Allen’s life was full of friends. It was a girls school, so it was very easy and comfortable to talk to everyone. ALLEN had a best friend, Andria. They used to do everything together, be it playing basketball or studying or gossips in break time. During the last year in her house, she also made some new friends living near her house. Finally the time came when she had to leave her home and shift in the other part of the city. Allen also joined a new school. It was a  co-ed school. She was quite  nervous because now there were not only girls in her class but also boys which she was not used to. Allen made friends with a girls group in her class who were a group of pretty awesome people. Now she was one girl with pimples and was usually a target of ridiculous comments. She was called with name like witch, ghost. She went into depression and used to cry everyday when she came home from school. The time was tough, but passed and soon she reached 11th class. Allen made really good friends but due to the previous years of depression, she became a very quiet girl, always studying both in class and break time. Allen’s friends used to call to solve their problems in studies and supported her really well. Now everybody stopped commenting on how she looked. Everything was falling in place now except for one thing, she yearned for friends with whom she could share everything. Someone whom she could call best friends. When she was completing her last year of school, she joint an institute which would help her prepare for college admissions. There Allen became friends with VERONICA. Veronica was also a very quiet girl until she and Allen started chilling more often. They both shared their secrets, used to hang together during break times and enjoyed each others company. During this time she also returned to her previous home where her bonding with her friends KARINA and KATNA who came in the locality when Allen was going to leave grew stronger.  TODAY, Allen can proudly say that she has the best friends she could ask from. Life will give the best gifts but you just need to wait…


Laugh, which can cure any illness, cheer up anybody and everybody, is the greatest gift that God has given to human beings. Just after one month of marriage SHEENA started to understand that it was not her cup of tea. She did not feel the way she thought she would feel like. JOHN, Sheena’s husband used to stay in bar the whole day and then beat his wife at night. Their neighbor, CAMILIA, saw this scene. The next day Camilia went to Sheena to talk about what happened last night. She suggested Sheena to divorce John because a beast like him never deserved her. The next day Sheena filed the divorce papers where she fainted. John who was sick of Sheena refused to pay for her in the hospital and went with his friends to a party. At midnight when john came home drunk, he started beating her until she told him that they are going to be parents. Now he couldn’t beat his wife so he threw the alcohol bottle on the floor. The next day when John was going to his office, he saw bandage on Sheena’s feet. He left his apartment saying,’ I want divorce from you bitch, as soon as possible!’ This shattered her heart. Everyday of Sheena was filled with pain and suffering. Her cries did not change him. She later got to know that he was having an affair with a rich girl. As time passed her separation with John and the birth of her child came near. Nine months passed . Sheena was in hospital delivering the baby. It was a baby girl. John couldn’t bear the sound of the crying baby so he left. Next day, it was their last hearing. The judgment was passed, both were asked to sign the divorce papers. After Sheena’s signature, it was John’s turn. The baby girl looked at the angry face of her father and when John looked back at her, she started laughing. That moment turned john’s world around. His hand stopped and he thought about  every single thing that he did wrong in these 9 months. His eyes were filled with tears and he said to Sheena,” Give me one chance to set everything right. I cannot turn back the past but I promise that I will make the best future for you and my princess.” The family was complete again. One laugh changed their world. Keep laughing and keep living your life!

spirituality, a path towards enlightenment…

It is like wind, it is free and cannot be defined

Spirituality means different for different people. Some people think to practice religion efficiently is spirituality. People also believe that spirituality is to leave all work and responsibilities and become a sanyasi. I believe spirituality is the practice in which one does those things which helps him/her to connect his/her soul with that supreme power of almighty, which resides in every soul. GOD is the word, which we use to define that almighty or the positive power of the soul.

Soul is always in us…

And so is GOD…

When we talk about GOD, often religion is the topic, which is picked up. There is a very narrow difference between religion and spirituality. Initially, the different gurus of each religion preached to believe that there is one almighty and we must contribute goodness to the society in order to make our own good because ‘what we give is what we get.’ Later when they died, people made them GOD, dividing themselves into different religions. People started noting their views on how an ideal religious person should be like and the best one were written down in the norms of a particular religion. People are practicing those rituals without even knowing what they are for. They have forgot the real teachings of their gurus that there is only one power that is the supreme power.

So here it is, religion forces a person to follow its practices just because he/she was born in it, which doesn’t any change in the life of the follower. Spirituality on the other hand is the call of the soul to follow God and those activities according to the preaching of the gurus for the good of the society and oneself.

Spirituality plays a significant role in today’s world. Today every one is running behind his or her wants, no one has the time to look at others problems. Spirituality has become a myth in the society. Since the rule ‘what you give is what you get’ is applicable till date, spirituality plays an important role to achieve our wants. Spirituality is believing in our own self and be satisfied with what God has blessed us with. So if one wants to be rich, he has to believe that he is rich and stop cry about his poverty. Likewise, a person who respects others will surely get respect in return.

Spirituality is belief,

Belief in our internal power…

Belief in our ability…

Spirituality is the need for the present society. It makes us believe in the positive energy within us, which helps us gain name in the world to the extent one has never dreamt of. It boosts our confidence. It enlightens path full of hopes and faith.

By being spiritual a student learns good ethics, gains confidence and success and gives the promise of doing good to the society.

I am free…

Follow me,

Whichever way you want….

It is not necessary to leave our practical life in order to practice spirituality. Respecting society can practice spirituality. Gratitude can be one of the ways to start of. Thank everyone who has helped us at any point of time in our life. Respect elders and give love to the little ones. Be more concerned about others than being for yourself. Having the courage to forgive others and being compassionate about whatever you do in your life.

On the path of spirituality,

One discovers a secret…

A secret of ones power…

To fight for peace of mind and soul,

Against all odds…

JOURNEY to explore freedom

We live a life where we cannot waste a single minute. The competition for the first position is so strong that we have forgotten to live our life to the fullest. Everyday is a traffic jam of work .One weekend, when ANNA thought that finally she could do whatever she wanted, she was wrong. Anna got up with phone call from her boss at 7 am. It was really frustrating for her to go to do some emergency work on a Saturday. Due to this she missed the party of her very close friend, which led to their fight. So she thought to take break from this busy life and go for a vacation to goa alone, where there will be no one to tell her what to do and when to do. So she reached goa on a very pleasant night. Though the hotel rooms were a little bit small but were perfect for her. For the first time there was no one to order her that it was too late and she should sleep. Anna read her favourite book ‘the secret‘ till 4 am. She was feeling really good that night for the first time. The next morning she went for little stroll along the beach where she met ARIEN, an adventurer from Italy. From then on they explored goa together. Anna feared heights. This fear was eventually flown away when she went for adventure sports like parasailing. Their friendship grew stronger day by day. Since Anna was tired of relationships, she wanted a life of a single, he forced himself not to say anything to her and started writing his journey with Anna in a book. Anna discovered her passion for adventure sports and Arien discovered his passion for writing from his inspiration. Finally their trip came to an end. Anna found her true self, a happy one, which Arien helped her to discover. She then went on to become one of the most famous adventurers in the world working for discovery channel. Arien is now following his passion and writes books. They are still in touch with each other and Arien still can’t say his feelings to Anna, but plans to say it one day…